Welcome to our website describing some of our sailing experiences with S/Y Siller Lass.  We hope the practical information about routes, sailing marinas, anchorages, sailing and electronic equipment, will be of use to many sailors and of interest to friends and relations.

Due to changes in data technology during the years we have sailed and edited this website, some of our photos from the first few years have fallen out and some of the links are unfortunately not functioning properly. 

We have begun a new site describing our cruise, hopefully to Shetland, 2015. 

Click on the link :  www.sillerlass.com 

Norma and Jon Erik at sea and ashore 

We, Norma nd Jon Erik Saugen have been keen sailors for many years. As senior citizens we have the privilege of being able to sail continually all summer. We normally start the season around April 1st. Several articles covering our cruises have been published in the Norwegian magazine for sailors, Seilmagasinet.  
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